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Anything, is better than being bored.

It consumes you, I tend to eat huge amounts of anything just to stave off boredom. Even when there is nothing in to eat, ill still race downstairs looking. Ive worn a 5 meter deep groove in the floor doing that in previous years. Plus I always do race down the stairs, as even walking somewhere is too dull for me.I never cook any food though, it has to be instantly consume-able.

This is all due to having a mind which works incredibly fast, yet always needs something to be doing. I think that I am quite intelligent, more-so than most of a similar age, and this stems from that same condition. I gather facts like many women gather shoes, or people gather air molecules. But once I’ve done something, my mind will search for something else. Sleeping is an absolute chore. Its incredibly difficult for me to get sleep, its getting worse lately. My mind just will not switch off until it has been used extensively. In order to get any decent length of sleep on a school day I need to be doing something involving in the very early hours of the morning. Once I’ve got to sleep getting me awake is unbelievably hard. Only urgency will suffice to rip me out of bed and be dressed in less than a minute. Its like my mind is an giant switch. You find it very hard to move the handle and its either completely OFF! totally ON!! My sleep patterns are chaotic, and the time I spend sleeping is either very short if I need to be up, or very long during the holidays.

This gets wearisome after a while. Plus another thing is that if something isnt involving enough, you drop it. The times i have started a post then got bored halfway through and dropped it are numerous. Commenting on things has got much the same way, I need to try and type at breakneck speed just to stay interested.

TV has become much of a background thing, i have it on whilst I’m doing something else, unless that something else is very involving. Its odd how boredom will drive me to watch an episode of something for the 400th time on Dave, even if  I watch that same episode less than 3 hours ago.

World of Warcraft is good for staving off being bored. There’s always something to do. I’m not sure how much I play it because I enjoy it and how much I play it to prevent myself going absolutely insane!