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There are just too many games out there that offer a lot in the way of challenge but little in the way of reward. They aren’t mad enough, there’s no sense of ultimate power to destroy and wreck havok. You get a little more powerful, as always but the enemies do so at the same rate, so has anything changed? Its just the same mechanic whatever you play. The basic mechanics for all genres of games hasn’t changed. Occasionally the enemies get awkward, so instead of shooting at them, you shoot a specific point, or in a certain way. Whenever a game comes along that overs something even remotely novel we are amazed. Half-life 2’s Gravity gun is exactly what I mean, your still basically shooting but in a unusual way. RPGs have the same mechanic, with the ability to ruin yourself if you don’t follow a proper pattern.

Don’t get me wrong I love the sense of challenge in games, the tough, intense thinking you go through. The sense of accomplishment you get from doing that is a good feeling. Role Players have a nice sense of the character you create is personal to you. There’s a good sense of steady rewards in games, they keep you playing with that mechanic, proper pacing of these games can, and certainly will, keep you entertained and playing them for ages. I just always feel cold afterwards, like I haven’t had a major experience, nothing that is truly memorable. The only game I have ever played that gave me that feeling was HL-Episode 2’s Ending battle. It felt wonderful, the fast paced action was blissful, and sadly a experience that Ive yet to recapture.

I just want a game where I feel powerful. I want to be able to blast through everything with immense power in a epic wave of destruction, but to still feel like its your handy-work. Games designers seem to be obsessed with the unattainable goal of realism or the tedium of perfect balancing. Games designers just aren’t mad enough anymore, where are the massive, super destruction spells or the massive guns that destroy everything. There vacant, games feel like they have lost something, where are today’s  Mad Lamborghini’s of games to fight the  too perfect Ferrari’s of Blizzard and others?

It saddens me, there are plenty of games on my shelf and on my steam account but they dont excite me anymore, I dont feel inspired to play them.

Sorry for the disheartening post, but its an issue I have thought about for a long time, I love games and I like problems to solve but give me something with feel, with passion as a proper reward.