2 Major Updates to speak about! The recent TF2 ones and the one to my Blog.

Firstly my blog. Ive changed the theme and added a custom header, which I thank the amazing RoadRunner for. Ill be getting a few more posts out soon, detailing wow and Tf2, though that may take a week or so to get them out.

Anyway, the Tf2 updates. I like them, would like the teleporter and dispenser metal upgrade costs to be reduced as it feels laboriously long to upgrade them. Or what would be nice is if the dispenser range was upped when you upgraded it.

I have just realised I have fell into the perpetual trap of commenting on updates like some obssed nerd. As that has already been fufilled I shall now do the next thing in line for the TF2 Nerd. I shall think about what sort of updates I would give the scout class, here they are.

The Shredder!

– Replaces the scatter-gun. Less damage but each close range shot increases the damage inflicted on that target each time it fires, more-so when closer. Allows kill a target quicker if you stay close to them, but is worse for finishing them off. This would also allow more incentive to stick with teammates as scout, to get assists of your targets, whilst not being too nerfed in one to one combat, provided you can stay alive.

Can Of Soda!

– Replaces pistol, a 1 second drink time gives you a 7 second speed boost and allows you to triple jump during that time.  Though the loss of the pistol makes you more vulnerable to sgs and leaves you unable to attack effectively at range.

The 3rd Strike home Runner!

– Has a 20% reduced fire speed, but the 3rd time this bat strikes the same target it crits.

Hope to see comments on my ideas for future updates, the nirvana of nerdish-ness.


Finally I’m writing a new post! This week has been rather chaotic, I had a Maths Mock on the Monday, Tuesday was a day off due to bad weather (yay!), so my friend came round.  Wednesday I spent the whole day tidying up and trying to fix the damage caused to my keyboard when my friend spilled his drink all over it, the keys were incredibly sticky which was awful for trying to play a game, the U key still sucks though, its like its aged 50 years, it takes two seconds to spring back up after pressing it. Thursday I had the morning off as a weather precaution, maths where i found out I got 94% in the mock (Yes!),a physics mock and a Electronics mock back to back. Then I could relax knowing I have got simple Chemistry the next day. Sister’s having a Birthday party/sleepover today (Saturday) and I’m doing long runs on WoW and just got off an epic run on TF2 to do this post.

So its been a busy week, and time is tight for coursework and enforced revision, so all in all it will get very stressful the next few weeks as i can never be bothered to do homework early preferring to leave it late. But then Christmas! Which means presents, family and food. I’m an atheist so the religious bit of it doesn’t count, and I have a large selection of arguments up my sleeve for anyone wishing to tell me otherwise! He-he.

So that’s what Ive been doing, i hope to have more regular posts in the coming weeks (Like that will ever happen).

It was inevitable really, all I have been doing these past weeks is delaying my return to the game. I have found myself becoming bored at browsing the web aimlessly and joylessly. Now Salvation!

AS this is a new PC though (hand built no less!) I have to install from scratch. That means a long installation of the raw files, then a VERY LONG patching of the game, I haven’t been on in a while, and I’m told its changed a lot, think of my first and only level 70, recently gained, languishing there in dead space. What has become of my guild?

Time will soon tell.


I am very fond of the medic, its a unique way to play that keeps me entertained more than the other classes. Here is a quick run down of me being a medic.

– I Heal!

I notice many medics who don’t do this (and seeing your best class played badly makes you cringe) or don’t do it well. I don’t blindly stick to one person with the LMB constantly pressed. Ill boost every-ones health on the fly and try to keep everyone alive, though ill stick with you if your the only one in the fight. I have been known to dodge my way past enemy fire to save the life of a team-mate.

– I use kritz a lot.

It didn’t seem good when it came out but I am very good at using it and can gain and deploy those 8 seconds of pure crits with frightening regularity. Its fantastic watching the crockets sail in, plus its useful to all classes with varying effectiveness.

– I am leathal with the Blutsager.

This is very funny as most people will try and kill a medic whilst the oblivious partner keeps firing and gets pwned later. They don’t often expect me to turn round and blutsager them, they certainly dont expect me to be able to properly aim it. Which I can. Ive killed a few people by sheer ignorance of the power of the Blutsager.

– I Rarely die and tend to top the team.

I score a lot of points as medic due to me being a good healer and spreading the wealth and getting lots of assists. I get a few kills with the Ubersaw and blut giving me a nice rate of ubers to deploy and get even more assists.

A few notes to people, i can defend myself a little but FFS look out for me. Also as my avatar says ‘ FFS YELL MEDIC!’ – this is a major frustration as i try and find people and to know who is low on hp and save a life.

The one thing I would like to know is how much healing I have actually done, because I’ve played 91 hours as medic now, mainly after the update, and I got the million a while back, so it is a lot.

To summarize you want me on your team, especially if I’m on Red, Dust-bowl – that’s when I come into my own.

This happens at almost every time I try to argue something. I find a good argument then, whilst trying to phrase it in a effective way, I can’t think of a good analogy on the spot, but when I think about it later I always think of something epic to retort with. DAMN!

Quirky Fact:

“which estimated that for every life lost through tasering, roughly 70 lives are saved (Journal of Clinical Forensic Medicine, vol 13, p 229). By contrast, automobile air bags save 50 lives per life lost.” http://www.newscientist.com/article/mg19526233.700-concerns-raised-over-taser-safety.html?page=2

I am tempted to buy WotLK, but im holding out, though I probably will, some day.

I remember a while ago playing ‘Crazy Taxi’ for the PC and thinking it was quite good, i had fond memories but i lost it, which was a bit of a shame. I had fond memories of it, so when I found it again i was thrilled, i started it up and Woah! It was crap. Lazy port from a console, poor game-play and not much substance to it. I felt almost heartbroken, imagine you had just discovered your childhood hero was a pervert, just a little less significant I suppose.

I now realise why this was, I hadn’t played any real good games when I played that, but now I’m older, have subscribed to PC Gamer and broadened my gaming adventures, my average gaming experience is now much better, ‘Crazy Taxi’ just doesn’t Compete with the likes of TF2, HL2 ect.

There is a copy of Command and Conquer: Renegade on my shelf, I saw a budget review for it a while back giving it a low score, i was a little annoyed, as I enjoyed it. I don’t know whether to dash a minor childhood memory or play it again, to see if it really was crap, and stop deluding myself.

So really, trust a good reviewer, they have played a lot of games, they have a better way of telling if a game is good.

I would like to defend Ross and Brand against the scourge of attacks they are facing. Yes there comments were a little over the top but they have apologised. They have just, at the time of writing been suspended thanks to 18000 comments from the public.

I would now like to install some sense of perspective and a alternate view.

Firstly Mr Sachs wasn’t there for a pre-arranged radio interview, which left the pair with a vast slot to fill. They decided to fill it with humour, which only 2 people initially complained about, and that was because of the swearing. I do think that Mr Sachs didn’t show the pair a reasonable amount of respect, it didn’t justify their comments but this whole escapade wouldn’t have happened if he had bothered with the interview in the first place.

Secondly you will always get more people complaining than supporting in this country, we are a nation of moaners. Those who are in support will stay silent, thinking this whole fiasco will blow over harmlessly. You can get people to respond given almost any situation, Radio 1 today got several thousand comments purely relating to the fact that Aled had arrived. The vast majority who listened to the show didn’t feel aggravated enough to complain.

Thirdly those who are offended seem to be those who dislike the presenters already and probably have no idea the nature of the comments but just want to see them off the TV. My usual response to these people is that if you don’t like them, dont watch them, but let the massive majority that do watch them to do so in peace.

Finally we need some perspective. The Zimbabwe Situation for instance, the brutal regime of Mugabe, killing people so he can stay in power. Did I hear news stories saying that 18000 people had written to the government asking them to intervene to stop these atrocities? I am just trying to hold back the unneeded tide of hate here, I didn’t write in either, because I knew that it would have little effect, that my opinion matter nothing. I wouldn’t have written this post were it not for the sheer lunacy of the situation.

I hope the BBC see sense, wait for this whole thing to die down, then quietly reinstate the 2 of them, i want to watch Friday night with Jonathan Ross again.


I would like to add that the clip of them is very funny and, more crucially, was pre-recorded. The pair probably felt a sense of freedom about what they could say, as it would be edited later and the BBC was free to remove it if they disliked it or felt it was offensive. Brand and Ross themselves should have never been suspended.

I’m am annoyed by the NPCs that help you in most games. They get in your way, are never effective enough and you really wish they were. Tom Francis has blogged about his grievances with Far Cry 2’s buddies. There are only a few games Ive played where I felt that the AI for the buddies was something a little special.

The Republic Commando buddies were charismatic and effective,  they’d obey your orders yet would also automatically do things you wanted them to do, like get health. They didn’t get in your way and they were powerful. Republic Commando got a lot of things right and I wish someone else picked up on it and improved it further.

Alex in HL2 was slightly better, you felt in a mutual partnership with her, she would help you and you would help her. Occasionally she would get in your way but would move away soon after. She was the nearest to the perfection of an ally I can think of and the coders at Valve are getting better and better so in EP2 I cant think of a way to fault the coding of her.

Sadly the same cannot be said of the rebels. They feel very human and I care about whether they live, however they are stupid and thus annoying. The first time you meet them in the city section of the game they will get in your way, they wont stay back even when they cant make any difference to your situation. it could have been so much better though if Valve had done it a different way, so here is my idea.

The rebels will all be positioned and have taken cover at an obstacle. You have to clear that problem and then they will proceed, they then take cover at they next obstacle and you progress, they can then help you in removing an obstacle in your path and will lock down one path whilst you deal with a different threat.

For instance, remember the snipers near where you rescue Barney? The rebels will follow you like idiots and get killed. What about they are all trapped, hiding behind cover, a medic cannot reach and injured rebel with a bomb that can clear the barricade ahead. You take out the sniper and the rebels will move forward. You proceed and rescue Barney, removing all the snipers and the rebels will setup the bomb and allow you to progress.

They would no longer feel like morons if they let you handle what they cannot handle, whilst they hide and then they help you when you need it. For instance you must reach an objective (a wounded vortigaunt with a way to eliminate advisers) and defend him against waves of ant-lions and combine. If you free-up some rebels on they way they will hold off the ant-lions coming in one direction whilst you eliminate the combine. That i think is better than me constantly shouting at the screen for them to:


Ive made up some Paragraphs that are designed to happen at the major event in a book. I wrote these for impatient people who can’t be bothered with the boring introduction bit and just want to skip the the interesting stuff. Think of it as ‘The Fast Show’ for books. I make them up when bored (patching a game for instance). See what you think.


The massive Doom-Bolt Cannon aimed at the reactor at the heart of the Enemy Battle-Station, In almost an instant a quadrillion joules of energy were compressed into the beam of destruction which powered through the armour of the station, sinking deep into the core and causing a pulse of enormous energy to instantly melt the entire station, turning it into a blob of fluid. This was scattered a nano-second afterwards by a monumental eruption, sending streams of super hot plasma hurting through space at tremendous speeds, cleaving through the armour of the fleeing ships, causing a chain reaction of destruction that evaporated the entire battle fleet in just a few short, but powerful, seconds.

I sit sometimes and think about how much stuff there is. look at entertainment; there are many radio stations screaming out songs and comedy all the time, hundreds of TV shows get made, loads of films, games and books are produced to stop us getting bored, I am amazed I still do actually. then there is space, there are immense stars i cant quite grasp the size of, there are approximately 10^80 atoms in the universe – How the hell am i supposed to grasp that concept, it simply doesn’t have any scale, all i know is that it is big but I have no idea how big. There are 6 billion people on the planet, yet i can never imagine that many, i know of only a few people out of billions and the rest seem to be just like background static, vanishing in and out of my consciousness, many billions will never get that far.

I am now at college and life has said to me “That went by fast didn’t It.” Well its now decided to strap a jet pack to me and send me on my way. Time goes by too fast and in the midst of all the stuff I could do i desperately try and do it all, i feel sad whenIi miss a show because I, even at this young age, am aware of how short my life could be. I want to enjoy it as much as I can and I don’t want to miss any of it.

So when someone tells you to stop doing the harmless things you love to do, they can F*** off. I know that exersise is beneficail, however its horrid to do, makes me tired and miserable, so I sit here, at my computer, doing things that make me happy, to the detriment of absolutely no-one else at all. If i die younger so be it, id rather a short but blissful life, than a long and miserable one.