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It all started at the dawn of the week long break within college. I left school early on the Friday and transferred some money from a savings account started when I was born (or there abouts) The first few days were spent deciding on the parts, I had a few problems with my order, I think due to some parts going out of stock whilst I was ordering.  But I finally managed to get it through, and £1200 of equipment was on its way.

I Ordered on Tuesday, waited in on the Wednesday, no parts arrived. I woke up on Thursday to see 1 box in the hallway. I felt some glee, but it couldn’t be enough. It turned out to be just the case, which was nice, but a minor anti-climax. So i sat downstairs with an open case, a big box and bubble wrap and a toolkit ready, then waited.

I waited a while, thinking the parts would never come. Knock, Knock Knock went the door. I leaped from my seat to open the door, hoping it was what I wanted it to be. It was, I gleefully signed the paper handed to me, and carried the boxes indoors.

The first box contained a shiny new monitor, which looked awesome. I turned my attention to a second box, and opened that up, where all my shiny new parts were. I carefully opened them up and examined them in all their glory.

The main motherboard was easy to put together, it was my first use of thermal grease which I applied to a better heat sink than the crap one always supplied with the processor. This one is a E8200 dual core CPU with 2x 2.66GHz cores. Nice!

The main problems with assembly were size. and it could be a struggle getting the parts in. The 1TB hard drive slotted into an easy to use bay, the DVD drive slotted very easily into its bay and the power connections from a 700W Power supply fitted nicely, after some working out of what connections were needed in the tangled mass of wires.

The graphics card was to be slotted in next, and I didn’t quite realise how big it was. It is a Nvidia Geforce 260 GTX (bought on a PCG recommendation) and takes up 2 back panel slots and very nearly wouldn’t fit. fortunately i managed to literally tear out part of the plastic Hard drive cage to make space for the beast.

The front panel connections were a nightmare, most slotted in well, the power cable was standard length, but as my power button was on the top of my case, not the middle, it wasn’t so easy, and since i had a massive Graphics card in the way, I had to painstakingly manoeuvre the wire though to the connectors.

After a quick run down, and attachment of a few PCI cards I was ready. I hooked it up and waited patiently too see what would be wrong.

Amazingly it booted fine, I managed to install Vista easily, and it worked. I was stunned. My main problem was the Internet, it was a USB device that had to be installed, and I just couldn’t get it to work. I could have blamed Vista but it was blind luck that got it installed on the XP PC before.

Anyway I needed to get a PCI card but it was late and that would have to wait till the morning, fortunately I quickly obtained a cheap one, and here I am now.

There a few minor issues:

  • Front audio panel doesn’t seem to work.
  • Audio issues i thought were sound-card related but were actually due to really bad speakers, and i want to put it back in.
  • Chaos theory doesn’t work! – is because of Vista but due to copy protection I think. It does run Diablo though – the original – the one game I would have thought would be unplayable on this PC.

Anyway the Specs:

E8200 Dual Core 2x 2.66GHz

GTX 260 Graphics card

22” Wide-screen LCD Screen

1 TB HD space

Vista Home

6GB! of RAM

And a thermal take heat-sink.

So that is what I’m using at the moment. It was worth the money, effort, time and the couple of scratches I gained whilst I built it!