Well the news from valve on TF2 is that the sniper is the next class for the update. This is “up to be the largest TF2 update yet”, so expect it to release mid 2011 based on valve’s record with these things. Still even though im not much of a sniper fan, Im not that good at playing it, hate being killed by them (especially as medic) and never find them that useful as teammates, I cant wait for this update to arrive – because ill go spy and stab my way gleefully across the battlements of 2fort.

Exploring a little on the TF2 site I suddenly realised that there are only 3 more “Meet the….” videos unmade at this time. The medic, the spy and the pyro. I can see all three having their challenges. The spy has a lot in terms of what they can base it around, but id see it as being tricky to pull off in the “Meet the…” style, but I see it being very good. The pyro has the obvious flaw of not being able to talk, but it does leave a lot in terms of comedy they can add to it.

However its the “Meet the Medic” video that I see being the most challenging, and thus i think valve will probably leave it last. You see the medic is quite dull to play to quite a few people, and those who do find fun in it, like me, revel in the concetration to try and keep your team, and yourself, alive amist the chaos, biding your time to retaliate with your own concentrated Chaos. This action will be hard to get across to the audience, and if that isn’t conveyed, it probably wont be a very good “Meet the…” video. They’d better do it well.