I often end up lying in bed with 4 minutes to go before the bus is set to arrive at the stop, the last one avaliable before I will be late, still wasting time rubbing my eyes to get rid of the sleep in my eyes. It then hits 2 minutes to go and I spring into action, leaping out of bed and simuntaneously grabbing clothes whilst putting another one on. I suppose I like some of the thrill of the perfect movements needed to get completly ready and reach the bus stop in the shortest space of time. The other factor is that I just bloody love sleeping, and need it.

Im crap at sleeping, my mind needs to have been worn down quite a bit before it finally fades into sleep, so i have the odd dilema of that the earlier I go to bed, very awake, the later it is before I actually sleep. Once I am asleep its goign to take a lot to wake me, I even slept through a ladder being sent through our window, police coming round the house, and police dogs sniffing around. I woke up to find the window boarded up, odd day.