I bought this game on December the 31st 2007 as part of the valve complete pack, and left it downloading while I travelled with my family to a new years party. I didn’t play it much at first, mainly because I also had half-life 2 episode 1 and 2 to play.

Since then I have played TF2 a lot, it complemented long WoW stints nicely. A short refreshing break to the long hours spent questing, for a while TF2 was good but secondary to many other games. It has surged into a major obsession and gone into an obscurity.

Still I have got in a fabulous amount of playtime. Ive gone through the classes and found new things and improved enormously in skill. One thing about me is that I like being the only one of that class so I tend to use different classes if there is a overflow of one, or if there simply isn’t anyone of that class.

A lot of playtime is in the engi. I’m very good at playing him form experience and skill. I mainly use him on offense, in a defensive way to hold what ground has been gained and get people forward. To this end the recent patch is good for me!

I’m loving the Medic though, and I’m a good medic who will dodge fire to save countless lives. I’m often lethal with the blutsager and can deploy Ubers and Kritz with good timing. I play it a lot on defence and often bind the team together and end up top of the Board. It is amazing how rarely I die when playing medic, and how rarely my team dies.

Spy, scout and pyro are classes I have as backup, and am fairly good at them. I raid the enemy a lot, i don’t do much damage as scout, but boy can I annoy and distract with style.

My total TF2 playtime stands at approximately:

472 Hours

With a total points gained at:


I love this game! Though I haven’t played it in a while I shall return to PWN AGAIN.