I really like this game, as Ive posted before I’m back on it after I had a few months off it. Wow is one of those games that i like playing but I can’t explain exactly why I like it so much, its a MMOG certainly, but to define it more precisely becomes vague, its a Role playing Game, and you can become attached to a character you’ve put time in crafting, however the actual customisation of the Hardcore RPGs isn’t there, its a casual way to do an RPG, the combat isn’t too intensive either. Henceforth you conclude that it is a casual game.

Then you have grinding for mats, long treks to do obscure quests, that obsessiveness that comes with it and the comabt becomes a step up for the Hardcore raiders, co-ordination, speed and skill are needed for the dungeons or Player vs Player. Its got the hardcore elements there, and the customisation becomes a lot more profound if you open your eyes to all the minor bits you can add to your char as you craft a role for yourself in the wider community.

This game provides me hours of fun, and I know it gives it to many, many others too. If you haven’t tried it before, do!, go through all the classes, check them out and find something you really enjoy in it. However, like most games, it is not for everyone and there will be a lot that wont enjoy it, don’t worry though, try something else, its no big deal, if you want an MMOG then there are many out there, EVE for instance, Guild Wars gets you away from subscriptions and that’s only 2 of them.

It may seem like a lot to pay with subscription, but the amount of time you can keep playing it and not get bored makes it one of the most cost efficient games there are.