2 Major Updates to speak about! The recent TF2 ones and the one to my Blog.

Firstly my blog. Ive changed the theme and added a custom header, which I thank the amazing RoadRunner for. Ill be getting a few more posts out soon, detailing wow and Tf2, though that may take a week or so to get them out.

Anyway, the Tf2 updates. I like them, would like the teleporter and dispenser metal upgrade costs to be reduced as it feels laboriously long to upgrade them. Or what would be nice is if the dispenser range was upped when you upgraded it.

I have just realised I have fell into the perpetual trap of commenting on updates like some obssed nerd. As that has already been fufilled I shall now do the next thing in line for the TF2 Nerd. I shall think about what sort of updates I would give the scout class, here they are.

The Shredder!

– Replaces the scatter-gun. Less damage but each close range shot increases the damage inflicted on that target each time it fires, more-so when closer. Allows kill a target quicker if you stay close to them, but is worse for finishing them off. This would also allow more incentive to stick with teammates as scout, to get assists of your targets, whilst not being too nerfed in one to one combat, provided you can stay alive.

Can Of Soda!

– Replaces pistol, a 1 second drink time gives you a 7 second speed boost and allows you to triple jump during that time.  Though the loss of the pistol makes you more vulnerable to sgs and leaves you unable to attack effectively at range.

The 3rd Strike home Runner!

– Has a 20% reduced fire speed, but the 3rd time this bat strikes the same target it crits.

Hope to see comments on my ideas for future updates, the nirvana of nerdish-ness.