Finally I’m writing a new post! This week has been rather chaotic, I had a Maths Mock on the Monday, Tuesday was a day off due to bad weather (yay!), so my friend came round.  Wednesday I spent the whole day tidying up and trying to fix the damage caused to my keyboard when my friend spilled his drink all over it, the keys were incredibly sticky which was awful for trying to play a game, the U key still sucks though, its like its aged 50 years, it takes two seconds to spring back up after pressing it. Thursday I had the morning off as a weather precaution, maths where i found out I got 94% in the mock (Yes!),a physics mock and a Electronics mock back to back. Then I could relax knowing I have got simple Chemistry the next day. Sister’s having a Birthday party/sleepover today (Saturday) and I’m doing long runs on WoW and just got off an epic run on TF2 to do this post.

So its been a busy week, and time is tight for coursework and enforced revision, so all in all it will get very stressful the next few weeks as i can never be bothered to do homework early preferring to leave it late. But then Christmas! Which means presents, family and food. I’m an atheist so the religious bit of it doesn’t count, and I have a large selection of arguments up my sleeve for anyone wishing to tell me otherwise! He-he.

So that’s what Ive been doing, i hope to have more regular posts in the coming weeks (Like that will ever happen).