I am very fond of the medic, its a unique way to play that keeps me entertained more than the other classes. Here is a quick run down of me being a medic.

– I Heal!

I notice many medics who don’t do this (and seeing your best class played badly makes you cringe) or don’t do it well. I don’t blindly stick to one person with the LMB constantly pressed. Ill boost every-ones health on the fly and try to keep everyone alive, though ill stick with you if your the only one in the fight. I have been known to dodge my way past enemy fire to save the life of a team-mate.

– I use kritz a lot.

It didn’t seem good when it came out but I am very good at using it and can gain and deploy those 8 seconds of pure crits with frightening regularity. Its fantastic watching the crockets sail in, plus its useful to all classes with varying effectiveness.

– I am leathal with the Blutsager.

This is very funny as most people will try and kill a medic whilst the oblivious partner keeps firing and gets pwned later. They don’t often expect me to turn round and blutsager them, they certainly dont expect me to be able to properly aim it. Which I can. Ive killed a few people by sheer ignorance of the power of the Blutsager.

– I Rarely die and tend to top the team.

I score a lot of points as medic due to me being a good healer and spreading the wealth and getting lots of assists. I get a few kills with the Ubersaw and blut giving me a nice rate of ubers to deploy and get even more assists.

A few notes to people, i can defend myself a little but FFS look out for me. Also as my avatar says ‘ FFS YELL MEDIC!’ – this is a major frustration as i try and find people and to know who is low on hp and save a life.

The one thing I would like to know is how much healing I have actually done, because I’ve played 91 hours as medic now, mainly after the update, and I got the million a while back, so it is a lot.

To summarize you want me on your team, especially if I’m on Red, Dust-bowl – that’s when I come into my own.