I would like to defend Ross and Brand against the scourge of attacks they are facing. Yes there comments were a little over the top but they have apologised. They have just, at the time of writing been suspended thanks to 18000 comments from the public.

I would now like to install some sense of perspective and a alternate view.

Firstly Mr Sachs wasn’t there for a pre-arranged radio interview, which left the pair with a vast slot to fill. They decided to fill it with humour, which only 2 people initially complained about, and that was because of the swearing. I do think that Mr Sachs didn’t show the pair a reasonable amount of respect, it didn’t justify their comments but this whole escapade wouldn’t have happened if he had bothered with the interview in the first place.

Secondly you will always get more people complaining than supporting in this country, we are a nation of moaners. Those who are in support will stay silent, thinking this whole fiasco will blow over harmlessly. You can get people to respond given almost any situation, Radio 1 today got several thousand comments purely relating to the fact that Aled had arrived. The vast majority who listened to the show didn’t feel aggravated enough to complain.

Thirdly those who are offended seem to be those who dislike the presenters already and probably have no idea the nature of the comments but just want to see them off the TV. My usual response to these people is that if you don’t like them, dont watch them, but let the massive majority that do watch them to do so in peace.

Finally we need some perspective. The Zimbabwe Situation for instance, the brutal regime of Mugabe, killing people so he can stay in power. Did I hear news stories saying that 18000 people had written to the government asking them to intervene to stop these atrocities? I am just trying to hold back the unneeded tide of hate here, I didn’t write in either, because I knew that it would have little effect, that my opinion matter nothing. I wouldn’t have written this post were it not for the sheer lunacy of the situation.

I hope the BBC see sense, wait for this whole thing to die down, then quietly reinstate the 2 of them, i want to watch Friday night with Jonathan Ross again.


I would like to add that the clip of them is very funny and, more crucially, was pre-recorded. The pair probably felt a sense of freedom about what they could say, as it would be edited later and the BBC was free to remove it if they disliked it or felt it was offensive. Brand and Ross themselves should have never been suspended.