Ive made up some Paragraphs that are designed to happen at the major event in a book. I wrote these for impatient people who can’t be bothered with the boring introduction bit and just want to skip the the interesting stuff. Think of it as ‘The Fast Show’ for books. I make them up when bored (patching a game for instance). See what you think.


The massive Doom-Bolt Cannon aimed at the reactor at the heart of the Enemy Battle-Station, In almost an instant a quadrillion joules of energy were compressed into the beam of destruction which powered through the armour of the station, sinking deep into the core and causing a pulse of enormous energy to instantly melt the entire station, turning it into a blob of fluid. This was scattered a nano-second afterwards by a monumental eruption, sending streams of super hot plasma hurting through space at tremendous speeds, cleaving through the armour of the fleeing ships, causing a chain reaction of destruction that evaporated the entire battle fleet in just a few short, but powerful, seconds.