I sit sometimes and think about how much stuff there is. look at entertainment; there are many radio stations screaming out songs and comedy all the time, hundreds of TV shows get made, loads of films, games and books are produced to stop us getting bored, I am amazed I still do actually. then there is space, there are immense stars i cant quite grasp the size of, there are approximately 10^80 atoms in the universe – How the hell am i supposed to grasp that concept, it simply doesn’t have any scale, all i know is that it is big but I have no idea how big. There are 6 billion people on the planet, yet i can never imagine that many, i know of only a few people out of billions and the rest seem to be just like background static, vanishing in and out of my consciousness, many billions will never get that far.

I am now at college and life has said to me “That went by fast didn’t It.” Well its now decided to strap a jet pack to me and send me on my way. Time goes by too fast and in the midst of all the stuff I could do i desperately try and do it all, i feel sad whenIi miss a show because I, even at this young age, am aware of how short my life could be. I want to enjoy it as much as I can and I don’t want to miss any of it.

So when someone tells you to stop doing the harmless things you love to do, they can F*** off. I know that exersise is beneficail, however its horrid to do, makes me tired and miserable, so I sit here, at my computer, doing things that make me happy, to the detriment of absolutely no-one else at all. If i die younger so be it, id rather a short but blissful life, than a long and miserable one.