The science of ecology has been hijacked by political groups wanting to use enviromental issues to force their agenda into the public domain. The sad thing about this is that the science and real issues involved get trampled underfoot. It is very tempting to simply dissmiss climate change as eco-twaddle, but i know i shouldn’t because there is real science there. i can’t reliably form an opinion about these issues as i am not sure what information is correct. Bits are made up, dumbed down, exaggerated or in some way distorted and i just can’t decide what the facts are.

I care about humans only – I would rather kill 1000 whales than let 1 human die. If climate change affects us in a negative way (directly or indirectly) then it should be stopped, if it doesn’t then sorry but i dont care. Im all for hunting whales, if there were greater numbers of them, nut i want to see them preserved at this moment so they can recover and be used for our enjoyment or industry.

There just needs to be an umpire to tell us the truth, sensationalize the climate change issue and your as bad as those who deny it happens. Lets not have politics here, lets have science.