As a regular to the website, (I visit daily) i bought the book by the writer of it – Ben Goldacre. Its a wonderful tome I would recommend to anyone. It discusses the major issues of bad science today, which focus on medical issues which is the commonest area for bad science to lurk in today. There are, however a few criticisms i would like to make of it. These, i freely admit are minor and petty, but i cant resist making them, mainly so people will comment and i won’t get bored, but also the book is brilliant and its annoying that i can’t find flaws in it đŸ˜¦

Firstly :

“… This means that we will have to explain some background about how a drug comes to market. This is the stuff you will be taught at school when i become president of the one world government” [p184 first para]

It is already covered at school and was done in my chemistry lessons, it isn’t quite as technical as your description but it does cover how different chemicals are created, the tests on cell cultures and so on and does so rather well. Rather interestingly we also discussed in a lesson why Homeopathy is Bollocks, and got onto the discussion about the placebo effect, It wasn’t covered as extensively as it probably should be, but it was mentioned.

Secondly and I quote in full because I feel it is necessary.
“We should also remember the bizarre English ritual whereby GCSE results get better every year, yet anyone who suggests that the exams are getting easier is criticised for undermining the achievement of the successful candidates. In fact taking the long view, this easing is obvious: there are 40 year old O-level papers which are harder than the current A-level syllabus; and there are present day university finals papers in maths that are easier than old A-Level papers.”

In a previous version of this post i suggested that i found something out. I now think that difficulty is a subjective matter. Thinking about what Reeler said in the below comment I thought that maybe the exams are getting easier to do, but still requireing the same knowledge to do. my opinion is that the above statement is not backed up by real evidence.

This Post has been edited, thanks go to Oldfart for making me re-read this post and think about what I had written.