I was sat waiting for Spore to arrive and went onto creature creator and was expecting a patch. There’s a lot of criticism of EA’s service so i was slightly apprehensive. I went onto the creature creator and it wanted to patch – the bar wouldn’t move!!! – i thought ‘argghhh friggin hell’. I tried again and again. Then i decided to be patient and it downloaded, it was just a large patch. No problems atm, I’m just affected by the hatred of EA – its sort of a negative hype, and like all hype – shouldn’t be taken as truth.

Retailers wont go to EA if there’s no advantage for using them over others. Will Wright is bright and Maxis chose EA and not for the first time, think of all those Sims Expansions. Valve fell out with Vivendi remember? Who did they go to? That’s right EA!

Give them a chance, they have so many products out, many of your own games will be published by EA, think of the amount of people who have bought from EA at some point. There are bound to be problems somewhere, and people will tell everyone about them, there aren’t many articles/posts saying ” I Had no problems with x” because they aren’t interesting.

Give EA a chance!


Keep comments to proper evidence of EA being bad (surveys, analysis). I don’t want anecdotes of particular stories, that doesn’t prove anything other than there’s at least 1 person who is dissatisfied with EA, it doesn’t mean its EA’s fault.