Crits – the random chance for an attack to deal much more damage than it should. The random fluctation of damage in games is unnoticed, crits however are not, we shout at them, scream when we are pwned by them and cheer when we get them. They are commonplace now but i hate them, there so annoying, unrealistic (not necessarily a bad thing) and unfair. The one thing they combat is player skill, the best players arent guranteed to win over weaker ones, the lucky crit can come into play. It also adds variety to gameplay. The thing is good players will still pwn weaker ones and crits do little to balance the affair. I have yet to play a multiplayer shooter where the game played out in a similar fashion. Playing Team Fortress 2 without crits is the same with crits, just the annoying moments of shouting ‘****** **** *******’ are blissfully removed, you dont mind deaths and enjoy what you accomplish instead of lamenting the instant kill you suffered. World of Warcraft has crits but these seem to do little to really change the whole outcome – you occasionally kill a mob a tiny bit quicker but thats all, theres ways to reduce the chance of it, and you do have to work to get your crit chance up. The new TF2 Arena Mode is the most annoyingly affected by crits.

I think that randomly generated maps for games like TF2 would be interesting, they give the same gameplay variations as crits but allow more improvisations, everyone has got used to sg spots in the current maps and it gets incredibly hard to be useful as engineer when everyone expects an sg.