I have always relished the idea of Co-op/ team based games. Multiplayer Team vs Team combat can be brilliant but team work is often abandoned in favour of rushing forward and trying to wear the enemy down. Im really exited about Left 4 Dead as it could be a refreshing change, fighting with a few allies who have a degree of intelligence is nice, you can miss occassionally and theres a great sense of working to defeat a common foe. Plus theres shooting zombies. im not quite sure about the player controlled zombies, that kind of defeats the point in my veiw, though the option to have some servers PvP and some not would be nice.

Co-op RTS is one thing id like to see more of, co-op campains with people taking different roles, for example building the base, depending on what they like best. I would really like that, for now i guess theres normal skirmishes, Red alert 2 possibly and Turn based stratgys to fill this hole